Pets regulation

The entry of pets in the Village is subject to the following rules:

The presence of pets MUST BE INDICATED MANDATORY at time of booking.
Pets are allowed only in the types of accommodation “Mono grande” in "Upper Area" and in "Lower area", in formula Hotel Full Board, excluding all common areas.
The entrance of pets must be authorized from the Direction. Breeds of dogs and animals considered dangerous reported by  competent authority can be, at the management’s discretion, strayed from the Village.
The pets must be accompanied by a certificate valid vaccinations, leash and muzzle..
Pets must be leashed (and, where show propensity to aggression, with a muzzled).
With regard to the physiological needs, pets should must be allowed out of the Village. Owners of pets must go outside of the "Upper area" of the gate along the area called "Torre C". Owners of pets must go outside of the "Lower Area" of the gate following the direction of the cartels.If pets get dirty along the route reserved for them, their owners must clean.  
Any damage caused to third parties and the structures of the Village from pets are complete responsibility of owner.
It’s strictly prohibited to bring animals: in “Lower Area”, so in all common areas, the beach of Roller Club, swimming pool, garden, bar, Restaurant, Amphitheatre, etc.. It is also prohibited introduced pets in “Torre Ruffa” Village. 
It's forbidden to leave pets go free in the Village.
It is prohibited pets access in the beach of Village.
Not allowed to leave the pets alone inside the apartment if owner let temporarily the Village.
It is care of individual owners ensure respect of the health and hygiene rules during your stay of the pets inside the apartment.

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